Unicorn Plush Toy: Your Best Companion

Unicorn Plush Toy: Your Best Companion

It is undeniable; the unicorn trend has taken the world by storm. From unicorn paintings that adorn the walls of cute little girls playroom, to mugs, phone cases, stationery and clothing, this mythical creature is so popular. The most common item in a girl’s bedroom is unicorn plush toy. Kid’s fascination with the unicorn never grow old, a testament of how much they love these magical creatures. Even Starbucks has rode into the frenzy by offering a whimsical unicorn Frappuccino. The legendary unicorn has captured the imagination of children since ancient times. In European folklore, the unicorn is often depicted as a white horse-like or goat-like with a long horn and cloven hooves. It is commonly described as an extremely wild woodland creature and symbolic of chastity and purity.

Today unicorns have seen a resurgence of popularity fueled by the magic of social media. In fact, while the unicorn trend is hot right now, it is not the first time unicorns have been appreciated. In the 90’s, a show called My Little Pony and Friends has ushered a demand for unicorn. Now the Google searches for unicorn has shown a steady rise and it is predicted to continue to influence unicaorn fan toys the buyers beyond Valentine’s Day. There has been a great variety of toy unicorns introduced in the last few years including unicorn plush toy.

Unicorn 360 is one of the unique online store that spotted the trend early and established itself as the go- to store for all unicorn maniac. Now it is bringing into the market unicorn plush toys. Let this huggable toy prance right into any child’s collection and heart. Little girls and boys will simply love the unicorn plushtoy. It is what a unicorn should be, sparkly eyed, luxurious soft pastel fur, and symbolic horn that likely to possess magical power, long and colorful soft tresses and tail. Truly a huggable bed companion at night. What is more is there is nothing mystical about its price. This cuddly unicorn plush toy is an accessible gift this Valentines’ Day. It is totally worth the splurge. The demand for unicorn plush toys shows no signs of waning but worry not because Unicorn 360 will continue to look out for the best plush toys out there. They are not just for children but for adults too. Owning one can be soothing and relaxing.

The hottest trend of last year continues to grow rapidly and Unicorn 360, an online retailer responded by adding the unicorn plush toy to its collection to answer the fondness for this mythical creature.

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